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My Approach

Life’s challenges can be difficult, testing our resilience and affecting our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Psychotherapy is a process of embracing those obstacles with vulnerability, curiosity, and courage, and doing so in a safe and supportive environment. Through this process, we learn new ways of thinking and build effective skills to tackle what comes our way. The therapist and client focus not only on problem solving but learning practices to maintain healthy and thriving lives. Therapy helps us access the strengths and wisdom already within us to feel better.


My approach is integrative. Let’s start with increasing awareness, because we can’t change what we aren’t aware of. We will work on identifying and changing self-defeating beliefs and behavior patterns. We’ll learn effective skills to handle life’s stressors and relationship difficulties. We’ll focus on alleviating feelings of loneliness and improving your sense of belonging and connectedness, because these are the building blocks of the human experience. And, we’ll learn about the bidirectional relationship between emotional and physical health so you can implement healthy practices for self care.


When we have a safe place to look more deeply into ourselves, we can uncover trauma, pain, and fear that sometimes prevent us and our relationships from growing to their full potential. I believe in being an active partner in your therapy process. I don’t believe in sitting back with a notepad and pen while nodding silently. It takes courage to come to therapy and open up to another human being. Our connection is a leading factor in your progress, and so my style tends to be easy mannered and authentic. In our work together, we will collaborate on finding creative solutions to your problems, enriching your relationships, and rebuilding a connection with yourself.

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